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Activities in New Zealand

   Bungy Jumping in New Zealand

   New Zealand offers a top selection of bungy jumping attractions for an adrenalin pumping adventure experience. New Zealand - otherwise known as ‘Bungyland’. Choose Sky Tower Sky Jump!

Bungy jumping is an adventure sport that captures the essence of Kiwi outdoor life - it’s different, really ‘off the wall’. Bungy is your fun tour in New Zealand!

The bungy operator’s crew secure a strong latex rubber cord either to a full body harness or around the jumper’s ankles. The jumper hobbles to the edge of the platform, takes a deep breath and swan dives into space, free falling until the cord is fully extended. If the jump is over water there is usually a ‘splash-down’ or ‘water touch’ option and the jumper is retrieved by boat. Over land, the jumper is hoisted back up to the platform.

A rigorous safety code of practice is followed in New Zealand so bungy jumping is a relatively safe adventure sport here. Visiting New Zealand don't miss this fun tour!

A number of other locations throughout New Zealand have successful bungy operations. Jump prices range from $80 to $200, which usually includes a T-shirt and Certificate. Videos and action photos are an optional extra, usually costing from $30 to $50.

So enjoy your New Zealand holiday and when you spot a bungy site - go for it. Free falling is a whole new dimension in space travel. Don’t miss it!


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