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Mountain Cycling in Bali, Indonesia
Starting in view of Mount Batur volcano Kintamani, this magnificent bicycle tour winds down through 16 km of flourishing valleys, through Balinese villages, past century-old temples and rich green rice fields. Expert guides (often Bali girls) will explain the history of the land, culture ...
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Middle Earth Filming Location Tours in New Zealand 
While most of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy film sets have been took away, the New Zealand scenery remains as an icon of Middle Earth. Join this 3 hour tour and visit the film spots of the outskirts of the Shire, Helms Deep, the Gardens of Isengard, the River Anduin and  ...
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Village and Kuantan Tour in Malaysia
Kuantan, the state capital, is located on the banks of the Kuantan river mouth. View some private residence of the Royal family, the official residence of the Chief Minister and the State guesthouse ...
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Rio de Janeiro Excursion - Iguazu Falls, Brazil
Iguazu falls attract tourists from all points of the world. The best time to visit Falls is from August to November. It is time when there is least risk of  flood waters hindering the approach to the catwalks. The deep flowing waters of the river tumble down 275 falls. How to get to Iguazu falls ...
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Wild Wellington Tour, New Zealand 
Walk along Wellington's amazing waterfront, hearing Maori legends of sea monsters, or taniwha, who once lived under the harbor's strange waters. Visit the statue of Kupe, the well-known warrior who landed his canoe on the Wellington shore ...
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Mount Fuji - Hakone 1 Day Tour (Journey by Motorcoach)
Mount Fuji (or Fujisan) is with 3776 meters Japan's chief mountain. It is not shocking that the nearly perfectly shaped volcano has been worshipped as a sacred mountain and experienced big popularity among artists and common people ...
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