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New Zealand

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 Bungy jumping in New Zealand

  New Zealand offers a top selection of bungy jumping attractions for an adrenalin pumping adventure experience. New Zealand - otherwise known as ‘Bungyland’. Choose Sky Tower Sky Jump! Bungy jumping is an adventure sport that captures the essence of Kiwi outdoor life - it’s different, really ‘off the wall’. Bungy is your fun tour in New Zealand! The bungy operator’s crew secure a strong latex rubber cord either to a full body harness or around the jumper’s ankles.
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Stories about your travel

My visiting Tokyo and Kyoto

   I can't wrap up this summary without sharing some thoughts that I had as I was visiting this country that I had been wanted to discover for such a long time (not only because I studied Japanese)...
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48 hours in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
   Coming from Vietnam we decided to stay for two nights in KL to get a glimpse of this Asian Metropolis. We visited Kuala Lumpur as a Stop Over Destination mainly to relax and to do some shopping...
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Cosmopolitan Gate To a Hole Continent (Australia)

   Sydney is the obviously the place to enter Australia and start your traveling down under. Besides the city by itself has a surprisingely wide range of attractions from its beaches to the national museum. Its a place where you can easily spent some...
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