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Your visitor's guide in Brazil

Activities in Brazil

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Corcovado - Christ the Redeemer overlooking the city
The distinctive statue of Christ the Redeemer - you know it even you are not fond of famous Brazil' serials! Christ's arms spread to welcome the world. It is situated on the top of Rio de Janeiro's Corcovado mountain, 710 meters above the beaches below. And you can access this world's best known monument via mini-train that runs from  ...
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Copacabana (Brazil Beach)
Most travellers know about Copacabana beach in Rio, but half of them will tell you it's the place Lola lost her youth and her Tony. In fact, Copacabana beach in Brazil is one of the world's greatest beaches, wedged at the foot of the most dramatic hills in very dramatic Rio de Janeiro ...
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Jardim Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro 
Nobody will believe you that you were in Brazil and didn't visit Jardim Botanical Garden! Jardim Garden was created by Dom Jo VI and now it is the best and most elegant garden in the world. This theme park is now a favorite relaxation spot in Brazil. The charming mix of gardens, plants ...
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Rio de Janeiro Excursion - Iguazu Falls
Iguazu falls attract tourists from all points of the world. The best time to visit Falls is from August to November. It is time when there is least risk of  flood waters hindering the approach to the catwalks. The deep flowing waters of the river tumble down 275 falls. How to get to Iguazu falls ...
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Sugar Loaf
It stands high above Rio de Janeiro and Baia de Guanabara. Sugar Loaf mountain is one of the most famous in the world and is a spectacular backdrop to Brazil's most lively city. Sugar Loaf Mountain is the best place for visitors to see excellent views of Rio de Janeiro ...
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Diving in Abrolhos, Bonito and Noronha
Heard about Bonito? An exceptional diving holidays are waiting for you here. To try what the diving is you need take this 4 days diving cruise in the best spots of Brazil. Bonito with its with sweet and salt water is a World Class diving destination. You also will have time to enjoy the unique natural environment ...
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Quick facts :

Brazil’ flag

Capital: Brazilia
Population: 175,000,000
Religions: Roman Catholic
Languages: Portuguese
Country Phone Code: +55

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