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Visit Beautiful recreational park in typical Thai settings, dotted with colourful flowers and plants. The vast area of the recreational park includes two lakes, bonsai, cactus, palm, and bromeliad gardens, a hothouse for orchids and ferns and a showcase of such animals as tigers ...
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Jurong Bird Park in Singapore
Jurong Bird Park, located on 20 hectares of lush greenery in Singapore's model industrial estate, is home to over 8,000 birds from more than 600 species. Take a ride on the air-conditioned Panorail for a panoramic view of the Park and into a tropical world of jungle ...
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Sabah Agriculture Park in Malaysia
There are many more amazing orchids and garden landscape view you can see as soon as you step into the park's specially designed garden such as the Hoya Garden, Tenom Orchid Centre and others. If you wish to stay here longer, the Park has chalets facing the man ...
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Jardim Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Of all of Rio's green city parks, this is perhaps the best and most elegant. Created by Dom Jo VI to cultivate the spices Portugal used to import from the East Indies, it is now a favorite relaxation spot. The charming mix of gardens, sculptures, ponds, ...
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Visiting Auckland Zoo in New Zealand
Auckland Zoo has committed itself to improving the living quarters of  New Zealand's largest collection of native and exotic animal species. Now you feel as though you are walking with the rare white rhinos on the Pridelands, swinging with ...
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Butterfly Park in Singapore
Stroll through the lush surrounds of the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom and allow 1,500 live butterflies - from over 50 species - to flutter about you as you enjoy the cool outdoor conservatory. Visitors can observe butterflies in all stages of development and activity ...
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