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I am in Bali
I come to Bali at least six times in a year. In each and every trip, I would find at least one new surprising discovery – be it a place to eat, to shop, or to indulge myself. In my visit two months ago, while stopping to get my ‘must have’ Bali wine ...
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Summit Siam
This adventure stands out as the penultimate for those wanting a physical adventure that takes it up a few notches. At the same time, it’s designed for those with a good level of fitness, but not having to be an Olympian ...
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Krabi after Tsunami
“I lost my five-year-old daughter, and five cousins in Phuket,” he says, trying his best to concentrate on the road.I stayed there for two days, but my head hurt too much. I had to come back here and get back to work, back to my life,” ...
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Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, Wellington, New Zealand
Great bush walks and plenty of information about birds and trees and the history of the area. You see and hear native birds not now found anywhere else on the mainland of New Zealand like saddleback and hihi. On a night walk you can hear kiwi and see glow worms, and star gaze on clear nights ...
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Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, Australia
Everytime I am in Melbourne, this is one of the places that I MUST visit. Its a great place to get gifts for friends and family. Its fun to haggle with the shop keepers and walking away with a purchase in hand is a wonderous feeling for me ...
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Surfers Paradise: Nightlife, State of Queensland, Australia
Daytime surfing at night partiing. We enjoyed our stay. We had free drink cupons. We visited like 5 pubs and discos. I liked the videoclip discos. We never have the videoclip with the musics in the discos. Be careful with the drogs! ...
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