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My Bali diving report
   Again in the morning I had to wake up early, which was difficult. It was also difficult because I had to say goodbye to Martin. While we all went diving he would have to spend the day in the hotel that day, with nothing to do. After promising that the next time I went diving he would already be able to dive with me, I headed off to Sanur beach with the others.
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Malaysia trip report from Nicole Nordyke   
   Thank you again for your intercession. We have two who have congestion and are not feeling well - Elaine and Joe. Especially pray for their health. The snorkeling experience on Friday was great. The multitude of fish were amazing; and there were all kinds. The water was beautiful when we first got there.
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Singapore Trip Report
   I made a trip to Singapore last month (Sept. 2002). This was my first visit to the country. I made the trip for a few reasons: I needed to do a visa run since I am having an extended stay in Thailand using tourist visas; I have a friend living in Singapore whom I had not seen in a few years; I needed a bit of a break for the dirt and chaos of Bangkok.
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My visiting Tokyo and Kyoto
   I can't wrap up this summary without sharing some thoughts that I had as I was visiting this country that I had been wanted to discover for such a long time (not only because I studied Japanese). I remember that my first contact...
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48 hours in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

   Coming from Vietnam we decided to stay for two nights in KL to get a glimpse of this Asian Metropolis. We visited Kuala Lumpur as a Stop Over Destination mainly to relax and to do some shopping. Within a century ...
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Singapore Trip Report
   Sydney is the obviously the place to enter Australia and start your traveling down under. Besides the city by itself has a surprisingely wide range of attractions from its beaches to the national museum. Its a place where you can easily spent some time - however you shouldn't if your limited in tim eand want to see the rest of the country.
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