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Cosmopolitan Gate To a Hole Continent (Australia)

Sydney is the obviously the place to enter Australia and start your traveling down under. Besides the city by itself has a surprisingely wide range of attractions from its beaches to the national museum. Its a place where you can easily spent some time - however you shouldn't if your limited in tim eand want to see the rest of the country.

Favourite spots:
Russian Space Shuttle Buran (but I think it has moved by now) The beackes (mainly Manly) The national Museum.

What's really great:
Bars and clubs around oxford street, its in a relaxed area - I was barhopping with my girlfriend also thru interesting gay places - and if you think that sex on the beach seems to be an offending cocktail - name then you should go take a look - you'll be shocked.

Bridge, opera, darling harbour and my favorite - the national museum they have a great exhibition on sceletons and prehistoric australian mammals.

Lots of backpackers, but we couldn't find one that we liked. Got down to the rocks - at the tourist information that have usually great offers on mid-range hotels only slightly more expensive than BackPackers

As said - try out the oxford street area

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